FUSE Search

FUSE Search is the federated search solution that you’ve been looking for. It uncovers content for your members (or prospective members) wherever it may reside. You can even control access to public and nonpublic information and filter data as you wish. Organizations are always asking us “How can we use our content to optimize engagement?” Our answer is “Discovery drives engagement. If users find content relevant to what they’re looking for, they’re going to want to continue. Conversions rise, support tickets drop and valuable revenue increases – all with an improved search experience.” FUSE is designed for organizations that have digital assets spread over multiple data repositories. How cool will it be when your website visitor pulls in AMS content that matches their search plus LMS, job board, discussion forum, microsite, CMS, and/or social media data? Now they have a reason to stay longer and visit again. FUSE Search. Ignite your membership.

  • Contact: Johnny Clayton
  • Email: johnny@fusesearch.com
  • Phone: 844-434-FUSE
  • Web: fusesearch.com