enSYNC is a technology services provider for associations and nonprofits with four areas of focus. 1) We’re Association Practice Strategists, who offer best practice ideas through strategic assessment consulting services. These include business process redesign strategies, technology assessments and recommendations, data audits, and transitional CIO services. 2) We have a software development division with software engineers on staff who code single system solutions and who have developed some of our great products like KioskXpress and SubmitterXpress. 3) We offer payment processing services through BluePay for easy reconciliations and savings on credit card fees. 4) And we’re one of the oldest and largest iMIS solution providers, implementing, upgrading, and providing services for your iMIS system. We like to call ourselves iMIS Ninjas.

  • Contact Person: Sherry Milligan
  • Email: sherry@ensync-corp.com
  • Phone: 817-349-7073
  • Web: http://www.ensync-corp.com