AMS Fest: Social Distance Edition<br />

AMS Fest: Social Distance Edition

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What is AMS Fest: Social Distance Edition?

100% Virtual Event. 7.5 CAE Credits. Interactive Sessions. Platform Previews. And more!

Association TRENDS is excited to bring you VIRTUALLY elbow-to-elbow, or should we say “screen-to-screen”, with other association executives, consultants, industry partners and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around nothing but AMS (Association Management System).

We’ll have 20+ AMS companies ready to demo their platform, consultants to help guide you during your experience to ensure you’re meeting with companies that best fit your organization’s needs, and industry partners to showcase their newest innovative technologies to integrate within your system.

BACK THIS FALL- CohortsLooking for a new AMS can be a daunting experience especially if you’re the only one attending virtually from your association. This fall we’re pleased to continue cohorts! A few weeks before AMS Fest begins, you’ll be assigned (if you’d like to be included) into a group cohort of similar association executives. You’ll have a consultant as your team lead and an online meeting space where you can meet with your cohort before, during and after the event to trade notes, ask questions, and feel better prepared for your time at AMS Fest. 

BACK THIS FALL- Industry Partner Demo Day: We’ve added a third day to AMS Fest where you’ll have the chance to test-drive the latest technologies brought to you by our industry partners. Whether it’s an event app, learning management system, online community, data analytics system, bustiness intelligence platforms, or marketing technology, you’ll get to preview tools to better help your association perform, grow and increase non-dues revenue.

NEW THIS FALL: Two Boot Camp Options: Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for an AMS? Or, let’s say you choose one- what are the next steps? What is implementation really like? This year we are excited to announce TWO boot camps at AMS Fest.

How do you select an AMS? What questions should you ask vendors during AMS Fest? The team at DelCor will help you navigate and form a plan to tackle AMS Fest. 

What’s the process like after AMS Fest? What are the next steps if you’ve got a list of top 5 vendors? The team at Achurch Consulting is here to help! They’ll lead a boot camp a week after AMS Fest (after you’ve had some time to think and decompress!) to help guide with next actionable steps.  

You’ll leave feeling prepared and ready to tackle AMS Fest.

Need help convince your boss? Download our “Convince your Boss Letter” Here.

$525.00 AMS Fest Virtual Individual Registration+ Selection and Implementation Boot Camps
  • Attend both of our virtual boot camps on the Nov 12th & 13th to prepare you for your time during and after AMS Fest
  • *Best Value Ticket*
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$475.00 AMS Fest Virtual Individual Registration+ Selection Boot Camp
  • Attend our virtual boot camp on the Nov 12th to prepare you for your time at AMS Fest
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$475.00 AMS Fest Virtual Individual Registration+ Implementation Boot Camp
  • Attend our virtual boot camp on the Nov 13th to prepare you for your time after AMS Fest
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$375.00 AMS Fest Virtual Individual registration

  • *Does not include virtual boot camps*
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$475.00 AMS Fest Virtual Corporate Ticket
  • This is a sponsorship add-on ONLY. You must be a sponsor of AMS Fest to buy additional corporate tickets.

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Don’t miss out on this unique and interactive training event!

“Very valuable to to get an overall view of AMS provider philosophy and positioning, as well as deep dive in one-on-one conversations. The engaging format fosters interactions. In the two days of the AMS Fest, I was able to establish a short-list of “best-fit” providers, identify areas needing investigation, and connect with leaders of these organizations. Well done.”- Kevin Baliozian, Medical Library Association

“AMS Fest was a great experience! I really got the insight and access that I was hoping for. Fantastic speakers. A must for every association in order to keep up with the advances in AMS systems.”– Jennifer Fontanella, International Studies Association

“AMS Fest is awesome and totally worth it, the quality of attendees and the sessions was very high, and the atmosphere and venue was great! We will be sponsoring and attending all foreseeable future AMS Fests!”– Rob Banwar, NimbleAMS

“AMS Fest offers a great opportunity to learn from experts and peers about how to successfully select, implement, and maintain an AMS. No other event provides such a wealth of AMS-specific information.”- Jim Friedman, ISCGI

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Cancellation Policy: If you are not able to attend for any reason, please notify us as soon as possible. Conference cancellations received 10 business days prior to the event are fully refundable. All other cancellations are non-refundable.
No shows will be subject to a $100 fee.